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Elevate Ministries and COVID-19

What’s up Elevate Ministries?


I just wanted to say how proud I am to lead the great people of Elevate Ministries! So many of you have avoided the panic and fear-based responses that we have seen throughout society, and have instead chosen to respond in faith, hope, and love. I know that many of you are looking for ways to help others, and be an encouragement during this time. This situation is similar to the circumstances that the early church encountered at its’ inception. The bible speaks of how the church was scattered, and its’ members  became the church throughout society, going from place to place preaching the Word. As a result, the spread of the gospel literally reached around the world! Could God be using these circumstances to do the same thing in our time? Could we be on the doorstep of something very special that God wants to do IN and THROUGH us? I believe that the potential is there for a great harvest of souls!!


As we all know on Monday night,  the CDC issued a brand-new set of guidelines that limit the ability to gather in groups larger than 10 people. As a church—we ALWAYS want to meet together in person—we VALUE community and relationship, and this new guideline is a punch in the gut to our culture and values here at Elevate Ministries. However, at this time, we feel it is appropriate to adhere to these guidelines and work alongside our governing authorities in their efforts to meet the needs of our fantastic community.

So, what exactly does this mean for us at this time?

It means our buildings are closed—but our church is still open. Our church has never been about buildings and it never will be about buildings. We have always been about people. We exist to change our world one person at a time.  You are not a number at Elevate. You are a person with a name, and a story. Your testimony and your story matters to God, and it matters to us. So our church will never  close—however we are going to adjust our strategy, and here is what the next weeks are going to look like at Elevate Ministries. 


First—We will provide an online worship experience for all of our members at 10 AM this Sunday Morning. You can invite your friends, your families, your neighbors and co-workers to join in with us as we worship and contend for the spirit of God and hear a message of hope—all from the comfort of your own home.  I would encourage you to invite a few people into your home this weekend, or join someone and be “Together, together,” during this time. I would hope that our church would mobilize, and although we may not be able to come TO the church—that will never stop us from BEING the church.  Now is an incredible opportunity to mobilize the Body of Christ to reach people outside of the 4 walls. It is a time for the  church to be innovative and creative to maintain community, meet the growing needs, and not forsake the assembling of ourselves…


In order to do this we will have to get creative and use the many available tools that God has given us for communication. This Wednesday for instance, we will gather for midweek online via video conference with Pastor Carl. This will be a live and interactive Bible Study where you can log-in, engage, ask questions and have all sorts of dialogue.  We will continue with gatherings like this to meet in small groups, engage in prayer, and strategize for ministry during this challenging season. As always, we will will keep you informed of these opportunities or any changes via our app, website, and social media platforms. This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of our church investment into Right Now Media. This massive video library is great wholesome entertainment for our kids as well as a powerful spiritual growth tool for each of us. If you haven’t already accessed your free personal subscription do so now on our Elevate Ministries App.  


I would like to remind you that our Pastoral staff is here for you. We care for you and are covering you and your family in prayer during this season. If you have any prayer requests, or care needs, please email them to info@elevateministries.com or call our office at 714-288-1777, and our team will do its very best to respond and support in any way that we can. 


As I stated before, Carrie and I couldn’t be more proud to serve the amazing people at Elevate Ministries. Thank you to all of our members, every person who continues to give, and each who continues to tithe. If you have any challenges in giving on our online platform or through our app please let us know so that we can assist you during this time. Reach out to us at info@elevateministries.com and a member of our staff will help you. We care about you. We love you. God is truly using YOU to make an impact in the world. I truly believe that this could be our church’s finest hour—so lets all take a deep breath, remain prayerful, and see what God will do! I love you Elevate!

-Pastor Adam Friedrich