Don't Stop Cleaning!

Hello Elevate Family.

Well we are still here. Still home. Still waiting. Just wanted to reassure you today that God is in control of it all. We are a people of faith... What a great opportunity to live that out in our homes and among our family and friends.

I’d like to share a thought with you from a story in the Bible that really caught my attention! I read through King Asa’s story in January. And when I first read through it - it was for me.

But today I think its for all of us.

2 Chronicles 14: 1-7

And Asa became the next king. For ten years into Asa’s reign the country was at peace. Asa was a good king. He did things right in God’s eyes. He cleaned house: got rid of the pagan altars and shrines, smashed the sacred stone pillars, and chopped down the sex-and-religion groves. He told Judah to center their lives in God, the God of their fathers, to do what the law said, and to follow the commandments. Because he got rid of all the pagan shrines and altars in the cities of Judah, his kingdom was at peace. Asa said to his people, “While we have the chance and the land is quiet, let’s build a solid defense system, fortifying our cities with walls, towers, gates, and bars.

In January of 2019 the Holy Spirit spoke the word ‘YES’ to me. I want you to say ‘YES’ to what I’m asking you to do this year. Even before you know what I’m asking. When the Lord spoke that word ‘YES’.. All was good in my world. There was nothing hard to say yes to. The land was quiet.

Just by obeying one word the Lord gave me —it was fortifying my walls. It was building my defense system. It was preparing me to stand my ground for a future attack. I couldn’t see was coming... I didn’t realize that in just a few short months I’d walk into radiology and onto the battle ground. But I was being obedient while the land was quiet.

Asa said to his people, “While we have the chance and the land is quiet, let’s build a solid defense system, fortifying our cities with walls, towers, gates, and bars.

It seems to me that right now in our lives the land is quiet. We’ve been given this rare gift of slowing down. Quieting down. For what?

2 simple things King Asa did in this scripture....

  1. He cleaned house. He went through the city and got rid of all things that were impure. All things that were unclean. I think a lot of us have done and redone some serious spring-cleaning while being stuck in our homes, but have we taken this time to clean our thoughts, our habits?

  2. He centered everything around God. In 2 Chronicles 14:9-11, Asa prayed before the battle even began. He asked God for His help and spoke by faith saying, ‘we know we are outnumbered, BUT we trust in you and who you are!’ This kind of faith in our prayer life doesn’t come in the middle of a battle; it comes before the battle ever begins through a practice of daily faith and prayer.

We are naturally procrastinators. We fill our days and give importance to so many not-so-important things. But right now everything is quiet. The land is quiet. We have no excuses. We have time to build and to fortify our walls. We can use this time to prepare the ground and clean house. We can develop a habit of prayer while the land is quiet.

I’m so glad I did these things in my life while all was quiet, and while my ‘Yes’ was easy not realizing that the battle for my life was on the horizon.

Romans 12:11-13

Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times. Pray all the harder.

Don’t burn out! Don’t stop cleaning house! Don’t stop praying! Don’t Stop praying over your adult child! Don’t stop praying over your marriage. Don’t stop!

Have you noticed that it’s in the smallest moments where we get lazy and decide to not clean out one small destructive habit in our lives? Where we decide I just don't feel like it today. It’s just too hard! Small things can cost us our victory in the battle.

King Asa cleaned out the entire city, but it also says in 2 Chronicles 15:16 that he didn’t get rid of one of the local shrines. It was just one small thing, one small shrine. Then in chapter 16, rather that seek God’s help in a time of battle, he asks another king for his help instead. Neither of these ‘small things’ seemed like that big of a deal, but it was those small things that cost King Aram and the Israelites the victory. King Aram would eventually die from a foot infection—and sadly rather than ask God for help he went instead to doctors. A series of small decisions severely cost Aram and the people he led. The biggest fights we will face are lost on the smallest decisions.

When the land is quiet Do it! I’m so glad that when the land was quiet, I cleaned house. I’m so thankful that when the land was quiet I prayed. It’s the only way I could stand my ground.

Despite the battle. Despite the fact I’ve come out scarred and injured, I have never felt closer to Jesus than I do right now. Through it all I’ve not only stood my ground but I’ve actually gained ground! We have such a precious opportunity right now. Make your decision now. While the land is quiet I will _______________. What will you do to fortify your walls? What will you do to build your defense system?

Now is the time. While the land is quiet.

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