Quarantine Me.

Here we are... almost 2 weeks being “Safer at home”. But lets call it what it really is... Quarantine. When they announced the “Safer at home”, I just imagined a room full of people trying to make the word “Quarantine” sound softer, and less menacing... and someone in the back of the room suggested “Safer at home”. Somehow that worked.

Funny thing is those are the words my Oncologist and nurses used while I was going through active treatment... “Safer at home.” So technically I’ve been on quarantine for the last 8 months. You all are just now joining the party!

Never in my life have I spent so much time at home. And since I’ve been at it awhile longer than most of you... I’d like to share something that I hope can help you to take advantage of this rarity.

Many of us reading this today are caretakers of others in some way. Whether you are a parent, spouse, friend, leader in the church... You name it. All of us pour out into someone. If not many others. And I know personally some of you that are always pouring out to the detriment of yourself... To the point of emptying yourself into others.

Which is very easy to do.

I read an analogy the other day of a canal versus a reservoir.

⁃ A canal continually flows... what comes in, is going out... at all times..

⁃ A reservoir waits to be filled and then out of the overflow the access flows out...

We’ve heard it said repeatedly that God is doing something “in” His people right now so that He can do something “through” us later. I believe that God wants us to take this time to fill up our reservoirs... And maybe even transition from being a canal into a reservoir.

They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit.. God has literally handed us time. Slowed everything down. All distractions have been put away. For what?

Maybe to form some new habits.

My Instagram is filled with fitness people showing live videos to work out.

People teaching online. People singing online. Dancing lessons online. All pushing people to try something you’ve never done before.

Jesus was and is the best example for us. Jesus’ life was a reservoir at all times. He gave but never emptied. Yes He was the son of God, but don’t forget He lived on this earth, with all the flaws of a human body. All the things we face daily. He faced too. But he never emptied.

He spent extended hours with God.

Matthew 14:13

Jesus withdrew by boat privately to go to a solitary place.

Mark 1:35

Very early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went to a solitary place, where He prayed.

I can write so many scriptures down for you that Jesus went alone to pray, or Jesus took the disciples to pray.

He gave us this example. He told us that retreating to a solitary place is a must... If we want to walk in the overflow. To minister in overflow mode... We have to have a habit of retreating.



Doesn’t that sound like Quarantine?

Maybe we can change out perspective on this word “quarantine.”

And choose to “quarantine” ourselves in HIs presence. Choose to create a habit of “quarantine” even when these restrictions are lifted.

Quarantined in His presence on a daily basis will take us from being a canal to a reservoir. So that we can walk in overflow and be able to water others like Jesus did.

Every time Jesus retreated to pray... He came out refreshed. He came out filled.

Showing us that time with God = rain for your reservoir.

I read this quote this week, “Be a leader whose public presence is anchored in spiritual rest.”


So even after this “Safer at home” season is over... I choose to be “quarantined” daily with Jesus.

That is a habit I never want to quit!

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