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The roots of Elevate Ministries evangelistic efforts in Mexico run deep and have proven to be extremely fruitful. Three years after the inception of our ministry in 1985, a young couple felt God speak to them to carry the gospel message that had so revolutionized their lives back to their native Mexico. Raul and Lupita Barajas were saved, discipled, and ultimately sent from our church to open a new work in Tijuana, Mexico. Their enthusiasm for the things of God translated into a fast-growing ministry that has made significant impact in the lives of many.


The results of their decision to pioneer a work for the Kingdom of God have been nothing short of miraculous. Over the pursuing three decades, not only has the church in Tijuana prospered and grown, but in partnership with Elevate Ministries in Orange County, a fellowship of churches has branched out throughout Mexico. Today, nearly 50 churches form Elevate Ministries in Mexico. Each year multiple conferences are held hosting the individual churches that were planted in that region of the nation. To this date, young disciples continue to have imparted to them the same vision that the Barajas’ received back in the early 1980’s.

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Pastor Carl first traveled to Africa in 1988 with a heart to see if God would somehow open a door for Elevate Ministries to be part of what God was doing in Ghana, West Africa. After spending the next decade investing in local churches in that nation and holding revival meetings and miracle crusades, deep and lasting relationships were formed. One such relationship is with church leader and pastor Eric Daafuor. Eric is an effective church planter and natural leader with a vision to plant churches throughout West Africa. Elevate Ministries has enjoyed years of partnership with Pastor Eric that has resulted in the establishment of several vibrant new congregations in both Ghana and Liberia. Elevate Ministries continues to financially aid this amazing ministry and regularly evangelistic teams from our local church are sent to lend a helping hand in the development of this emerging fellowship. 


While living in Thailand, Tony and his wife heard a man share how he was once invited to have sex with children.

“When I heard this story it really hit me and I knew I had to do something,” Tony says. 

“It was at this point, I believe God put the vision of Destiny Rescue in my heart.”

Today, Destiny Rescue’s work has grown into a worldwide organization dedicated to rescuing children from sexual exploitation and trafficking and helping them stay free. We serve to help amplify the voices of both those who are enslaved and have been freed from abuse.

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We are happy to support and partner with the Street Gospel podcast to deliver powerful stories of transformation. This podcast features testimonials of lives that came from the streets to the gospel and everywhere in between. Each cast offers a message of hope based on a personal journey of ‘coming up’. It highlights the personal adventure of overcoming an obstacle, beating back the naysayers, venturing into business success or simply winning a fight. This podcast delivers the fantastic stories of how people battled to make it through.  

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Elevate BMX is one of the many unique, and out of the box ways Elevate Ministries spreads it's reach. Out of the heart of Adrean Harris, a faithful piece of Elevate for many years, came a passion and vision to change our world, one person at a time, through BMX. As followers of Christ we are given the authority to ensure the needs of the world are met through extreme methods.

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